About Us


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We are a manual print shop located in Hollywood Florida. For those new to the screen printing process this means we print everything by hand. We pride ourselves as being your atypical screen printing shop. And we absolutely love what we do.

A large portion of our industry is moving towards automation and mass production. Technology is moving at an incredible pace and more than ever manufacturers are pushing high end, high tech machinery very aggressively because it is considered the way of the future. And let’s face it, it means huge profits for both the manufacturers and the printer who can greatly increase production.

Unfortunately, automation can quickly add up to six or even seven figure investments. To cover the cost of the machinery, the overhead costs and staff to operate it, buildings to house it, and electricity and gas to run it, it becomes necessary for a printer to print tens of thousands of shirts per month as quickly and as cheaply as possible to realize a profit.

As a result even with the most stringent quality control measures in place it becomes impossible to put eyeballs on every garment. It becomes a much less intimate process. And much more difficult to pay the same attention to detail when operating at that level of production. In the end the art of screen printing becomes diluted.

Instead of competing with these mass production “factories”, we practice creating quality hand prints and enjoy the process of manual printing. Customer satisfaction is our core value. We give the same attention to detail and dedication to every print on every order no matter how large or how small to ensure every customer will be happy with the final product as well as the service they receive.

Whether you are a clothing line startup with limited funds, you need work shirts for your business, or you are simply in charge of this year’s family reunion t-shirt, we have solutions to help make your vision a reality sensibly and headache free. Our goal is to earn your trust and build a strong long term relationship that is mutually beneficial and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.